Men with Mesh Related Complications and unexplained Symptoms

15 May 2011

mens health This webpage has been requested by men. We fully understand it is very diffcult for any man to talk about this very taboo subject, however, we are all so used to speaking and hearing about the problems with hernias and the use of synthetic meshes it is now great to hear men do not feel alone.

April 2011 - Inguinal hernia repair with mesh has led to six more operations with bits of mesh reappearing causing irreversible illioinguinal nerve damage, also located in groin granulomas, neuromas, also history of urinating blood 100 plus trips to the doctors, 30 times in casualty I am now persuing legal action against this legalised butchery, I have got report from specialist 2006 proving what I had been through up till then, five years and four operations later I have been discharged, and told to go to the pain clinic I will show you copy of report from 2006 and give you dates of operations and full history of another mesh horror story thanks.

As regards to private medical treatment I have been forced into a situation where I have got to pay for treatment after six botched inguinal hernia repairs, with the N.H.S I have had to take out a loan of £5750 to pay for my treatment, leaving a bigger hole in my pocket than the hole in my N.H.S mesh.
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updated15 May 2011
I have heard today this man whose story is showing above had his operation last week to remove the mesh. Apparantly the mesh had formed into balls the size of peanuts and he still has 2 small pieces left inside, he was told the rest of the mesh cannot be removed due to possible damage to the delicate blood vessels. After a week since his mesh removal surgery he is still very sore and in pain. I speak on behalf of all us here at TVT Mum support group to wish this poor man a speedy recovery sent with lots of healing light.

I would like to point out to the medical world especially the governing bodies unfortunately due to lack of resources within our NHS this man had to pay £5,750.00 for his surgery.

Request for help- Please is there anyone out there in the Medical World to help this man? We feel he should not have to fork out £5750.00 for treatment when all of this was not his fault! Please have a heart and give this man the correct treatment he deserves on our NHS. If you can help please contact us asap. All correspondence is treated as strictly private and confidential.
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